Portfolio - Adobe


While working for Adobe I was responsible for testing the Javascript capabilities of their SVG plugin.  At the time this was meant to be the open alternative to flash.  The differences could be summed up simply:

  • Vector based instead of raster based, which allowed for smoother zooming
  • XML as the storage format instead of a proprietary format
  • Javascript as the scripting language instead of Actionscript
  • Animations were time based instead of frame based
Once I had built a test suite of smoke tests, unit tests and spot tests, the amount of work I had to do became insignificant.  After a release my testing would be complete in a couple of hours.  This left a lot of time for me to just play with the capabilities of the plugins.  My tests looked less and less like tests and more and more like applications.  After leaving Adobe I was contacted by the advertising department who asked me to develop some of these test suites into demos as well as build new demos from scratch.  A number of these demos were featured on the Adobe SVG site.  

The most elaborate of these demos used XSLT to transform CML into an SVG model.  This model could then be rotated by dragging the mouse.  This was no small feat, due to the fact that SVG only rendered 2D graphics.  The 3D engine was written in pure Javascript.

Ultimately Adobe ramped down their SVG evangelism, due to their acquisition of Macromedia and they have ceased to support their SVG browser plugin.